What is Microsoft SQL (Structured Query Language)?

SQL is a database programming language for retrieving and managing data in relational databases. SQL is an acronym for Structured Query Language.

The Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) standard language is SQL. SQL is the standard database language used by all relational database management systems such as MySQL, MSAccess, Oracle, Sybase Informix, PostgreSQL and SQL Server. They also use a variety of dialects like TSQL is used by MSSQL Server, PL/SQL is used by Oracle Jet SQL is used by MSAccess.

This query language was adopted by ANSI standard in 1986 and an ISO standard in 1987. It is the most important query language to learn if you want to work in the field of Data Science. SQL is used by big companies like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to store data in the backend.

What is Computer Programming Language?

A computer programming language is a set of explicit instructions for accomplishing specific operations on computers or equipment. We can use precise algorithms to control the behavior and output of a computer using a programming language. SQL is one such programming language used by the computer. This helps computer and machines to process vast amounts of complicated data more efficiently and effectively.

That is why SQL is beneficial to business particularly in the development of system database management services.

So let’s see what are the different applications of SQL?

As previously said that SQL is one of the most extensively used database query languages, some of the applications or the users can gain access to data, stored in relational database management systems using SQL. Users can use SQL to describe the data. SQL also allows users to define and manipulate the data in a database. It allows SQL modules libraries and pre-compilers to be embedded within other languages.

The users can have the ability to build and delete process, database and tables. It also allows users to build database views, stored procedures and functions. Permissions for tables, methods and views can be set by the users with SQL.

SQL is a powerful language with many advanced features and functionalities that allow users and applications (like BI etc.) for efficient data manipulation and retrieval from relational databases.

SQL Commands and Statements

Let’s see some common commands and statements used in SQL.


Select is used to retrieve data from one or more views and tables in the database.


Insert is used to add a new row in the table.


With Delete command, we can delete record(s) from the table.


Update is used to modify an existing record in the table. With “Update” command we can modify the values of one or more columns.


Create is used to create new objects in the database, like Tables, Views, Indexes, Sequence etc.


Drop is used to delete the database object, like tables, views, sequences and indexes


Alter is used to modify the description of existing database object, like adding or dropping the column(s) in the table.

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