Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management

An Overview of Oracle Cloud EPM

Business organizations do their next year(s) business planning and budgeting for their each and every cost center for all types of accounts. They use different tools like SAP BPC, Oracle Hyperion, Oracle Cloud EPM etc.

Oracle provides a complete business solution for planning and budgeting with EPM (Enterprise Performance Management). It helps business to do planning for workforce, marketing, sales and IT. It is also helpful for operational planning, project planning, budgeting and forecasting. It helps you analyze, understand, and report on your business.

It is used by CFOs and the Finance division for financial planning and budgeting to help them for financial close processes and reporting to drive better decisions.

EPM helps organizations to manage their agile businesses by incorporating emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. These help improve the quality of decisions and automate routine tasks.

EPM Cloud Services:

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud offers the following services:

Planning service has Custom Application Type Planning and Model-based Planning. Model-based Planning comprises of below frameworks:

  • Financials
  • Workforce
  • Capital
  • Projects
  • Strategic Modeling
  • Financial Consolidation and Close

Financial Consolidation and Close enables you efficiently manage and improve your consolidation and close processes.

  • Tax Reporting

Tax Reporting is a comprehensive global tax reporting solution for medium to large multinational companies that provides Tax Provisioning, Country by Country Reporting, Workflow Management, Supplemental Data Management, and Dashboards and Key Performance Indicator reporting.

  • Profitability and Cost Management

Profitability and Cost Management reports on financial data combined with operational data, performs complex multi-step allocations and calculations, performs profitability analysis by customer, channel, line of business, legal entity, product, and service, and calculates operational costing.

  • Account Reconciliation

Account Reconciliation efficiently manages and improves global account reconciliation by automating and comprehensively addressing security and risk typically associated with the process.

  • Enterprise Data Management Cloud

Enterprise Data Management manages business viewpoints, governs changes to them, simplifiesdata sharing to accelerate cloud deployment, and builds an authoritative source of enterprise information assets.

  • Narrative Reporting

Narrative Reporting is secure, collaborative, and process driven for defining, authoring,
reviewing and publishing financial and management report packages.

  • Free Form

Free Form service allows us to create a fully custom application. It helps business to do the planning when there are no required dimensions.

EMP Cloud Environments

Business buy a service to work with EPM Cloud. Each service entitles you to two environments—a test environment and a production environment.

EPM Cloud Platform

Oracle Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Platform is a framework of the technical and functional components shared among Cloud EPM processes. It enables you to have a more unified user experience and simplified administration across different business functions.

EPM Cloud Common Features

The Oracle EPM platform makes it easy for business users to consume business processes in one complete connected experience. Some common features across all business processes include:

  • Powerful Microsoft Office integration, including comprehensive integration with Excel for ad-hoc analysis and interactions with your business processes.
  • Rich highly formatted or interactive reporting capability to fulfill your reporting needs.
  • Interactive dashboard capabilities to allow KPI monitoring and visualization of trends and anomalies
  • Robust workflow engine to manage approvals and workflow in each business process
  • Role based access across all EPM Business processes

Oracle Cloud EPM Subscription

Oracle EPM provides below two services to meet the organization’s requirements:

  • EPM Enterprise Cloud Service

         EPM Enterprise Cloud Service includes:

  • EPM Standard

EPM Standard Service includes;

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